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Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
undergraduate studies in mississippi. >> uh-huh. >> left to do my graduate work in seminary in washington, d.c. deferred a bachelor program to come back and do work in mississippi. i wanted to talk about the intersection of privilege, poverty and politics. and so because religion, politics, money are not the most important conversations to bring up around the dinner table, i knew that i would have a colorful experience, if you would, coming back home to address these challenges. >> i see. the sacred or the spiritual and the secular in the streets and the scriptures. >> absolutely. >> that's what you try to combine in your sermon. >> that's correct. making connections between not only the ideals that can be lifted into the rafters but make them make sense in people's lived experience. to talk about things that really matter is what i believe life is about. faith traditions at their best do the work of inviting people to reflect on losty ideals of making them make sense in their lived experience. >> i like that. >> so it's been very great to come back home early on, right after my time at wesley
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
behavior people don't want to get involved. you can call or report unanimously. it is in washington,d.c.. that's where the national hot line is staffed. when day receive a report they call back to the local law enforcement jurisdiction to investigate. >> i want to ask you too so that we don't become vigilantes, what should we do? how can with -- do we have to deserve at all what we might think we are seeing? >> i think if someone is saying to you help me i'm being held a prisoner. i have to work here from opening to closing seven days a week i need help. if someone is saying i am being mistreated victims can end up in emergency rooms. i think people need to call and report suspicious behavior. let law enforcement sort it out. we never want someone to rescue someone or put themselves or that person at risk. you want to call law enforcement and report it and let law enforcement deal with it. even when you call the national hot line there may need to be weeks or months of investigation before law enforcement can move in. they are bound by the law. they can't break in so they have to re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2